The latest in Disney’s franchise of heroes, Iron Girl, is coming to the big screen this December. Who doesn’t know the story of this amazing young woman (played by Anastasia Steele), who channels her super-speed, strength, and moral center to stop the bad guys? In this release, we’ll get to meet our hero again, as she puts her battle against evil in the spotlight. We’ve got an extensive preview of the Iron Girl movie, and here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for our young heroine!

Iron girl is introduced to us by Tony Starks (juries aside), who wants to make a name for himself in Hollywood by creating a female version of himself. With help from his friend, Daredevil (amygdala hunter), he splashes out on some expensive martial arts armor and starts training his new fighting system, called the Iron Fist. This action-packed movie flashes back to the early days of super hero comics, when every man had to be some sort of super hero. Naturally, after months of training, Starks gets his suit and learns that not only can he control metal and turn it into an indestructible strength, but also gives himself super strong mental abilities… enough, to have him take down terrorists and control skyscrapers with his thoughts alone.

Once Tony makes it into the Iron Fist facility, his bio-suit begins to malfunction, giving him superhuman powers. He quickly realizes that the metallic iron in the armor is giving him problems, so he seeks out the only person who could help him, a wealthy industrialist named Dr. Tony Stark (husky British accent). He tells Tony that he needs money to create a new weapons system, so Tony offers to help build reels for the project. In exchange for paying partial ownership fees, he allows Iron Girl (anaesthetic enhanced with pain killing serum by Stick) to use his labs as a way to help test the new reels. After spending some time in the lab, Iron Girl realizes that the metallicity in the reels is giving her superhuman abilities, so Tony offers to give up control of the labs if Iron Girl will teach him the true power of metal.

After many adventures in the future of the Marvel Universe, including encounters with villains such as Dr. Doom, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, The Avengers, and The Incredible Hulk, Iron Girl returns to her home base of New Gotham City, where she is told by Tony that he has created a new invention that could greatly increase her powers, so she goes to work testing it. While testing it, she finds out that the metal in the reels is actually electricity, so Tony offers her the chance to join the Avengers Team. However, when a new terrorist organization called The Hand tries to attack New Gotham, Iron Girl goes missing and Tony immediately realizes that she had been secretly trained by The Hand.

With an army of henchmen at her disposal, The Hand recruits Iron Girl to their cause who fights alongside them until the villains are defeated. After the battle, The Hand offers Iron Girl a chance to join their ranks, but she refuses, stating that she is no longer an Iron Girl and that she wants to work her own way. In an effort to prove herself to Tony, she ventures into the Batcave where she finds a mysterious box which contains an armor made from an alloy known as titanium. With the help of Batman, The Bat Detective, and Wonder Woman, Iron Girl tracks down the mysterious thief responsible for stealing the titanium armor and unmasked her to the team.

Iron Girl battles The Hand and manages to defeat them, but then she is possessed by a machine known as the Mind Stone which takes control of Iron Girl. The machine gives her superhuman powers, including the ability to shoot massive amounts of energy bolts that can destroy anything in their path. She later tracks down Batman and Superman to fight in a casino game against them, but they are defeated again. The fight ends with Batman destroying the machine, thus taking control of it himself.

In an episode entitled “The Day of Chaos”, Iron Girl teams up with several other super heroes to take on The Joker and the other criminals involved with the plot. They succeed in getting The Joker and his followers to retreat while leaving The Hand behind to continue its plan of taking over the city. While battling The Joker, Iron Girl comes across a device that can turn any metal into weapons. This device has the ability to turn vehicles into tanks, boats into guns, and any item into any other type of item. Using this device, the heroes manage to defeat The Joker and his henchmen. After the fight, they all escape from the burning city while The Joker escapes.

After the villains are defeated, The Hand offers Iron Girl a place to live by offering her a grant so long as she keeps her promise to fight crime. However, Iron Girl discovers that her creator has made some modifications to the original iron filings, and this changes her personality. The new Iron Girl is very hard to catch because she is always changing her outfit to match the surroundings and to blend in with her environment. When her creator finds out about this, he contacts her to see if she wants to join him in fighting crime, and also gives her a new costume that completely changes her appearance. She is now known as Iron Girl and is actively involved in stopping villains from robbing store owners and attacking those who pose a danger in her neighborhood.

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